the idea

Porteqbot is a semi-autonomous robot and carrier for portable equipment such as snow blower, water pressure machine, generator, lawn mover, etc, that already exist in the market. The porteqbot can do heavy lifting (just as a wheelbarrow) and perform other smart equipment functions such as entertainment, voice commands, height adjustment, learning, manual and autopilot navigation, voice warning, etc. Porteqbot retrofit kit converts non-smart portable equipment to smart portable equipment. In addition, for customers that prefer a ready-made and complete machine (solution), porteqbot provides an Electric Snow Blower Kit and Electric Lawn Mower kit that it easily mounted into the robot. Porteqbot provides a cost effective and efficient way for owners to use their portable equipment.


We are committed to home automation products by integrating various products and services to ensure a well automated home.Our home automation engineers receive training from top institutions and therefore they provide unparalleled knowledge and expertise making sure that they have the best fit for quality products and services provision.

IoT digital transformation is a challenging task but here at Dayorbit, we know how to approach it. We take advantage of our extensive experience in development and in cloud application design. We also ensure effective information security and data analytics in order to address the most challenging IoT projects.

Why Choose Porteqbot?

The Porteqbot is the World's first All-In-One portable equipment product that does not eliminate old designs of portable equipment (with combustion engine) but makes them compatible with this new smart product. In addition, It includes pluggable electric version of other types of equipment while our artificial intelligence algorithms enables automatic operations. Finally, Porteqbot is affordable, user friendly and valuable to the consumer.


The Porteqbot robot provides mobility for all your portable equipment. After plugging our components to make then auto operational, then you can manage via mobile application (using manual navigation or AI algorithms) to perform your automatic routine such as mowing the lawn, washing the drive way, removing snow, blowing leafs, washing car tires etc.


meet the team

We are a small group that comprises electrical engineers, software engineers, mechanical engineers and R and D engineers on a mission. The founder has deep robotics, artificial intelligence and experience from large-scale projects and machine learning.

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