The transfer switch is an automatic switch that shifts the capacity load betwixt two connections. A few transfers are standard and, in that respect, operating property affect the transmission by delivering one transformation. Although, rests are self-regulating and bring about when they grasp one of the elements that consumed or attained power.

The automatic transfer switch stands as Automatic Transfer Switch because it is a fundamental element that grants the electronic switching of the energy source that feeds the load and transfers it betwixt the mains and the generator.

The enormous advantage and working of automatic transfer switch work with the power supply?

The enormous advantage of an automatic power transfer switch is that it can automatically transfer the load of the power on to the generator. When brownout, the Automatic (pre-programmed) transfer switch assigns the generator to commence. When the generator is accessible to supply power, the ATS (Automatic Transfer switch) switches emergency power to the load. Once utility power revived the ATS (Automatic Transfer switch) switches to utility power and, commands the generator to close down.

The automatic transfer switch of Porteqbot with a portable generator

In most of the cases, an automatic transfer switch (ATS) installed betwixt the home and, the generator near the mechanical panel. This transfer switch permits the particular portable generator to potential the circuits to choose the event of a power outcome.

Porteqbot: The World's First Portable Equipment Smart System use advanced Automatic Transfer Switch of the future.

It contains a "smart coil starter" which can communicate with porteqbot ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) and Porteqbot PS (Phase Switch). By replacing the portable equipment having coil starter with the Porteqbot smart-coil-starter which enhance the uses and advantages. Porteqbot used "Automatic Transfer Switch of the future which moves with technology" in which the smart coil starter works with the advanced Transfer Switch to increase the facilities and to upgrade performance that will reduce losses by using advanced core materials like higher quality electric steel.

Porteqbot smart-coil-starter is compatible with most portable equipment with pull coil starter and combustion engine. The porteqbot not only robotize the equipment but will also provide power management capabilities.

Porteqbot smart coil starter provides a power switch with an instrument to switch power source and to even turn on the generator. Generators are known to give power sources switch which gives instructions to transfer switches. When the engine starts, Porteqbot "smart coil starter" provided with the magnetic motor generates the electricity to charge the battery and also supply voltage to the USB port. When the power brownout, it has the facility to notify the owner automatically. User can be able to manually and automatically switch between power sources. Smartphones control over power management located through the provided application.


Porteqbot provides security, advanced robotic facilities which enables you to manage your equipment in unique and effective ways. Communicating with Porteqbot is diverse, easy, and reliable. Porteqbot, a smart technological way to control your portable equipment.

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